Whether our team is boosting overnight stays at a new resort, putting a destination on the worldwide map, or redefining the way consumers perceive an existing hotel, we develop media relations, marketing and digital media campaigns that support business growth and brand strength. From national and international media relations, to social media initiatives, press trips and special events, our tactics are always developed and implemented with the goal of supporting bottom-line performance and driving volume.

Real State

We’ve created winning campaigns for some of the world’s highest-profile real estate developers, brokers, contractors and architects, helping them and their projects rise above the competition in a crowded field. Our goal is leasing commercial space, sparking investor interest, or winning a construction or design contract, we know how to communicate our messages and build brand awareness in the marketplace through local, national and international media relations, targeted marketing and digital media, and special events.

Health Care

As an industry which is through clear communication and consistent visibility among consumer, business-to-business and internal audiences. That means keeping current on the policies, technologies and trends shaping the industry – and creating meaningful opportunities to weave our clients into the news cycle. We go further by keeping our clients in front of their audiences across multiple channels, from direct marketing and social media, to community events and speaking opportunities.

Personal Brand

As building personal brand equity is now essential for CEOs, partners and entrepreneurs, we have created our expertise in raising personal profiles and working with C-level clients. At Corp Communique strong, well-managed, personal brand can help business leaders better communicate with all key audiences including investors, employees, and high value customers, stakeholder communities and the media.

Information Turned Into Inspiration

Landing a big story isn’t simply enough in today’s world. Savvy companies and leaders understand that their content need to reach the right audiences and at the right times. In today’s diverse world dominated by micro-moments of search, stand-out brands understand they need to tell their story in a variety of ways in order to communicate across multiple platforms.

And because it’s not enough to assume clients’ audiences will find our content on their own, we develop specific tactics that ensure the right messages are winning mindshare through targeted digital media, direct marketing, special events and more.