About Us

Corp Communique is a new-age dynamic and talented PR agency in India, specializing in integrated marketing and public relations. We carefully meld progressive communication models with time-tested analog communication processes for corporates around the globe.

Why choose us? It is a question love to answer.

Tailored public relations and digital campaigns at Corp Communique leads to tangible business results for our clients. Our expert team forge that just-right corporate strategy for each client’s individual communication objectives. With the purpose of creating content which is ostensibly newsworthy, we architect material directed at members of the media to create buzz for your brand, and put the right focus on it.

We go through an effective process with each client to identify their objectives, understand their industry and the future of the brand so that we can prepare a strategic communications plan to suit their needs.

Delivering standout public relations campaigns that people just can’t help talking about is at the core of our mission. Our constant pursuit and celebration of unbeatable results is part of our DNA, and makes us one of the best PR companies in India.